Our Testimonials

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach, mentor, leader and friend – I had that pleasure for almost a year at The Clean Space with Ingrid. Ingrid helped in my development not only as a person but also as a Business Development Manager. She willingly gave her years of knowledge and experience to each individual in the team regardless of the time, day or opportunity. One of the last conversations I had with Ingrid was her encouraging me to continue to use her as a coach and mentor and I truly believe that sums her and her character up. Rush Limbaugh said ” leadership descends from character ” and I believe Ingrid has the best in the business. To end off, I truly believe that Ingrid will be more then just an asset in her next role!

Declan McCabe, Account Manager, Indeed

Ingrid is a formidable Sales Manager. Customer focused but results driven, Ingrid was able to mentor & support her very diverse team in winning many new clients. Highly customer focused, Ingrid understood the challenges of the industry and people and sought to improve processes, stabilise and drive motivation within her team by leading by example. Ingrid’s wealth of experience in running her own businesses was utilised in our fast growing, competitive industry and she has led the team through a complex and demanding set of challenges to deliver great service & growth. Ingrid is great at building relationships with the trickiest of senior stakeholders & key clients. She knows what she’s talking about and always delivers. I adored working with Ingrid and would recommend her without hesitation.

Sarah Ikhlef, Business Development – The Clean Space

Ingrid was my manager for over a year, throughout that time she was always professional and supportive, even though sales can be a stressful and pressured sector. Whilst at The Clean Space she completely overhauled the company’s website, produced a new sales brochure and other marketing materials allowing the company to compete on a par with much larger organisations. She coordinated an ongoing marketing campaign through social media to raise the company’s profile. I have no hesitation to say The Clean Space moved up a league to become a very credible contender under her direction

Brian Turner

It had been a great pleasure working with Ingrid for many years at The Clean Space. I was very impressed with Ingrid’s attitude on innovation and great understanding of the current external business environment (social media, website, marketing, etc). Ingrid created a sales team almost from scratch and made a significant contribution to the success of the business. She is a terrific team player and, as a matter of fact, she accomplished many important projects.

Stefano Cabras, Finance Director – The Clean Space

I met Ingrid whilst working at WISE in a temporary role. She immediately took me and my ideas on board. I found Ingrid to be very clear and concise with her direction, passionate about her goals and determined to achieve them. All this whilst maintaining the position of a great team player. I would highly recommend Ingrid not only for her business skill set but also her attitude to work and her colleagues

Melissa Advani, Actress

Ingrid has provided excellent support to me at Jaguar Land Rover in developing our programmes to support Women in to Engineering. She has been knowledgeable and innovative in exploring new opportunities.


Jose Lopes, Head of Business Engagement – Jaguar Landrover

Ingrid put great energy into ensuring that both parties got the most out my company’s sponsorship of WISE, showing responsiveness and flexibility in agreeing a benefits package. In particular, she was instrumental in creating video profiles of our role-model engineers, which are great resources for both us and WISE

Angela Reich, Tutor & Trainer

Ingrid is a highly professional person with excellent communication skills and an excellent knowledge of the subject area of gender diversity.  As my link with WISE she provided important support in the development of the higher apprenticeship which my team were working on supplying excellent introductions to key employers.

Trevor Hunter, Head of Department at City & Islington College

What I admired or felt was your strength was being able to handle immense pressure and remain unflappable. I saw you as a woman with great business sense and feel that you will make a fantastic mentor to up and coming female owned businesses.

Kaamani Jangali

A few things striked me about your leadership and that to keep it simple was: 1. The support and trust you gave me. 2. The balance of sternness and compassion you showed. 3. Your willingness to listen and take risks with the ideas I had. 4. The fact that you are a big family person, and that you displayed that in front of us. 5. The fact that I always knew that you were approachable. 

Francoise Lubbe

You have been a great inspiration to me all my life. I refer to you alot when addressing my staff and management team because I really learnt so much from you. As a woman in business, things get tough. I look back to you as a success story I can mimic. A path I can follow. Sorry, so much to say lol. I admired your strength and tenacity. Your ability to run many successful businesses and be a great mother, wife, daughter, friend, etc. was amazing to witness and draw from. Specifically because of my poor background and lack of role models. I observed how well you handled challenges and tragedies. You are fearless. You have taken on Goliath’s and won. You are not afraid of change. You take well calculated risks. One moment you own a thriving IT company, then you own a restaurant. One moment you are in this country, the next you’re in another. And so much more! Now you are busy working on a new venture, what’s not to admire! With all the above, I mostly admire that you are humble enough to appreciate all your accomplishments. Because of stopping and asking myself, what would Ingy do, I now run four successful businesses, I look after my aging parents, I’m raising an amazing little boy and hopefully I’m a good wife. Whatever you are busy with, I’m sure will be nothing short of amazing! And a success. You have always been destined to succeed. Keep inspiring us, I’m watching you always (not in a creepy way lol). Wish I could have lunch with you and catch up. Greetings to Wayne, Byron and Amy. Miss you Ingrid, SA lost a great ambassador

Ronnell Stafford-Marais

 The one thing that has helped me get where I am today is the fact that I had to think quick and use what Is inside the box to my advantage.  I remember being a little bit reserved behind the bar while I was learning the ropes.  You saw that I was spinning a bit on my first busy evening and that I was all over the place.  You then pulled me one side and said that I must tackle one slip at a time and make sure that I get on top of things first.  Your exact words were, “Wells, find a rhythm and find what works for you.”  I am the Sales Manager for Nashua Pietermaritzburg and I take those words with me every single day.  The moment I step into that office I am bombarded with “a busy evening.”  I take a deep breath in and then work my way clearing each slip at a time.  That way, I found my rhythm and because it is a completely new environment, I keep learning and keep moving forward. You have also showed me that being in charge doesn’t mean that you cannot get your hands dirty.  I remember seeing you in the kitchen helping the staff get orders out.  Also helping behind the bar.  This is also how I’ve managed to win the trust of my reps.  They see that I am not scared to get my hands dirty when I need to.  Especially when they need my help.

Llewellyn Soine
It was Ingrid’s keen pro-active networking skills that allowed for her to source and make contact with myself. As our company’s shared similar products and yet did not conflict she had the insight even before our first communication to what course of action should be followed in order to set up a strategic alliance for mutual benefit. We worked closely together for the better part of a year during which time she portrayed herself as nothing less than a professional astute business person promoting her company and their product at its highest level. It was a pleasure interacting with her warm personality and devoted interest in business development and sales. I would whole heartedly recommend Ingrid as an associate, partner or employee with any organization if it were your desire were to be represented by a competent, mature and strong pioneer
Mark Cross , Head of Distribution, Pharon Capital

Hi I found that you have a very keen eye for attention to detail, for example the way the staff had to clean and tidy the restaurant, we eat out quite a bit and very rarely see a clean and as well kept restaurant as Taps was. I think its important and I learnt that from you, not the cleaning per say but the attention to detail. We just don’t see that normally. The attention to detail is not common in the work place , many people just do absolute minimum. I learnt about standing your ground and that you don’t have to accept no for an answer. In other words confidence and belief in something if you feel you are right. I also think you have a high level of customer service, you were always willing and did make sure customers were looked after properly and timeously. Many clients will pay a premium if they feel they are being looked after well, in any industry. I am often shocked at the poor service I receive from companies, but your standards in that regard are high. I learnt to fight for the things I want, whether it be more out of a staff member or from a service supplier.

Tammy Fleming

You were very kind to me.  You were always there if there was a problem, if we couldn’t figure something out we would come to you and you always had a solution to the problem. You listen very carefully to what people are telling you and you try to help to the best of your ability. I would say your ability to listen carefully to a person without jumping to conclusions is a great asset and your rational thinking makes the problem solving easy. You always had an answer to our questions! 

Robyn Wheeler

You set up corporate membership for WISE which gave us a sustainable revenue stream. I’d say having a strong commercial approach is a strength – that’s why I offered you the job because it was essential for us to build relationships with big companies. The scholarship for JLR was another significant contribution which led to a scheme we deliver for the NHS and a potential new one for another company. Shows you can get things off the ground and get people to back projects 

Helen Wollaston
Ingrid is one very amazing, caring, well organised and accountable woman. Dealing with Ingrid on a personal and on an organisational level I found her to be very professional, always maintained her dignity and gave more than 100% to everything she was involved in. I seldom have come across a woman who is able to embody professionalism yet remain human with a heart as big as Ingrid’s. Whatever profession Ingrid finds herself in, will make a huge difference to the organisation by Ingrid’s energy and enthusiasm. It has been a privilege to work with Ingrid and to have been a part in her life
Alison Engelbrecht, Educator & Entrepreneur
Ingrid assisted me in securing professional speaking engagements for a 10-month period back in 07/08. She is a highly organized, goal-orientated business woman who enjoys extensive networks of business connections and I found her at all times to be a hard worker and a deliverer. Her manner is no-nonsense yet kind, focused yet adaptable and I am happy to say we became firm friends as well as business colleagues.
Ingrid Roberts, Foundation Director at Epworth School
Ingrid was an integral part of the Women in Finance (now Business Engage) team for a period of two years and brought with not only her organisational skills, but also integrity, commitment, and leadership skills which played an important role in the rapid growth of the organisation during this time. She leads with a great amount of passion for the team she is in control of and sets a professional example for all that she comes into contact with. She is confident in her approach to new opportunities. I would recommend her for any leadership, sales or marketing position in a company – she is surely missed in our team in South Africa
Colleen Larsen, CE, Business Engage

I have known Mrs Ovenstone for 2 years, and in this time we have worked closely together. Mrs Ovenstone has high business ethics and works with the utmost integrity – In the time that I served as COO of the South Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Ovenstone displayed a wide range of expertise, especially having extensive knowledge of the UK market. Mrs Ovenstone conducted herself professionally at all times. She demonstrated a passion for business and took the lead on a number of initiatives and directives. Mrs Ovenstone demonstrated confidence in all the interaction with the SAICC’s members.

Sonja Clarke, Strategy & StartUP Management
Ingrid is perfectly suited in a position that involves both sales and marketing as well as managing a team. She is highly professional, always very knowledgeable regarding the company’s products and services, while at the same time she is an excellent manager who knows how to get the best out her colleagues. She leads by example and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any sales, marketing and/or managerial role.
Simon Gaffney, Consultant
Ingrid was responsible for representing IBSGI in Africa and they could not have asked for a more professional and dedicated person to do so. Ingrid is highly knowledgeable, has strong ethics and focuses on exceptional service delivery. I strongly recommend Ingrid to any prospective employer as they will hire somebody who adds real value to their bottom line
Myles Hopkins, Agile HR Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

Ingrid is a professional communicator and a strong leader. Ingrid gets the very best from people, leaving them educated and proud of their accomplishments. I highly recommend Ingrid Ovenstone…and further, wish that I had the opportunity of working with her again. Kim Jones President, Design Solutions Inc, Toronto Canada

Kim Jones
At the time I was heading up the international arm of Florida based IBSG Inc and to both set up and run our operation in South Africa, Ingrid was recruited. She did an excellent job both internally and in presenting the company’s web based platform to potential customers, including governmental bodies.
Kevin Gollop, Managing Director, CSS Limited
As a reseller of ours in Pietermaritzburg I worked closely with Ingrid in the late 90s and early 00s. She was highly organised, with excellent customer skills and relationships – somebody we enjoyed working with. I’m happy to recommend Ingrid.
Guy Whitcroft, Business Transformer
Ingrid has strong business acumen and a good customer centricity focus. A keen eye for detail and strong leadership qualities would see Ingrid succeed in any corporate structure.
Craig Fleming, Manager, PMB Auto Sales

If nothing else Ings, you empowered me, made me realise my self worth and gave me an opportunity to learn and grow.  You are a leader.

May Jeremiah
I have known Ingrid on both a personal and business level and found her approach to business to be that of high integrity, punctuality and results driven. I have no hesitation to recommend her.
Martin Godfrey, Wealth Manager, Hereford Group Focus
Ingrid is a bright, intellectual and visionary person. She demands excellence from all who deal with her and will not settle for second-best. She took a defunct venture outside her area of expertise and turned it into a profitable venture. It is a pleasure to work with her.
Charles Szente, Group Supply Chain Director