Stop being a Jack of all trades

You must have heard the saying ‘Jack of All Trades and master of none?’ Many entrepreneurs think they have to be Superwoman in business and take on every single aspect of their business personally. I did, under the guise of keeping my finger on the pulse of my business. I burnt out fast and frankly I was not having fun. My name is Ingrid Ovenstone. 4 successful businesses built and sold. A non-profit organisation rescued. A multitude of organisations driven strategically from board and senior executive level. I love the ‘thrill of the business build’. I would love to share my journey with you.

It’s a journey of extinguishing self-doubt, building confidence, learning from my mistakes and I have learnt how to start working ‘on’ a business instead of ‘in’ it. I have found the key steps to repeatable, scalable, successful business practices without sacrificing family time or my personal wellbeing. I work with women entrepreneurs who want to evolve, play bigger and become better versions of themselves and accelerate business success without sacrificing family and personal happiness