Are your core Values at the heart of your business and are you an employer of choice?

Is your company seen as a great place to work? Do you offer a fantastic work culture and workplace environment that is attracting and retaining top talent? There is no point in becoming an employer of choice unless there is significant benefits to doing so and frankly how do Core Values fit into all of this and what is the importance of identifying your company values from the start? I share with you what it means to be an employer of choice and the key benefits of core values.

Tony Hseih, the founder of Zappos, said ‘if I could go back and do Zappos all over again, I would actually come up with our values from day one’ My name is Ingrid Ovenstone and I am a Business & Mindset Coach. I understand how important it is to recruit the right people in your business. Top talent will not be attracted to your business however, unless they see that you care and that your employees matter and retaining your employees in the current labour market is not a luxury but a necessity. It has become critical to understand what motivates your employees, and what it will take to make your employees stay and what you need to do to ensure they do.