About Ingrid:

Ingrid has built a number of successful businesses from scratch.  With over 30 years’ experience she has built strong dynamic teams with the number one priority to develop each individual’s potential. ‘I believe that every individual, irrelevant of their background or level of education, has the potential for development and it is my personal mission to help people reach their full potential and experience success.’ Ingrid can easily ‘step into someone else’s shoes’ and she has the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, understanding what a person is going through. She has helped solve conflicts in the workplace and establish harmony and common ground

Save the giraffes

Social Responsibility: Save The Giraffe From Extinction

Imagine the world without the majestic giraffe.   Unfortunately, it may not be long before these beautiful creatures disappear from the face of the earth.   We are supporting the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and are joining them in the fight to help the giraffe population in Africa remain wild and free. 

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Being an empath is NOT a weakness, it’s a SUPER POWER!


Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen


Relationships are built on trust and being reliable builds trust.


‘Never be afraid to be seen, be brave, develop a voice and be proud of just being your own beautiful self’


‘Alone we can do so little but TOGETHER we can do so much – remember to smile and always be accessible and approachable and respectful of other people’s opinions’


‘Ingrid you have been a great inspiration to me all my life. I refer to you a lot when I now address my own staff and management team because I learnt so much from you’

Llewellyn Soine

‘You are fearless. You have taken on Goliath and won. You are not afraid of change. You take well calculated risks. One moment you own a thriving IT company, then you own a restaurant. One moment you are in this country, the next you’re in another’

Ronnell Stafford-Marais

‘You empowered me, made me realise my self-worth and gave me an opportunity to learn and grow’

May Jeremiah

‘I would say your ability to listen carefully to a person without jumping to conclusions is a great asset and your rational thinking makes the problem solving easy’

Robyn Wheeler